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A safe and joyful place for your lovely children

Welcome to our comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, which provides specialized treatment for kids with autism, ADHD, stuttering, and learning challenges. Our specialized treatments foster success, confidence, and progress.

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About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

At our center, we are dedicated to providing specialized care and support to children with autism and learning difficulties. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

We believe that early intervention and continuous support are crucial in shaping a brighter future for these exceptional children. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey of growth, learning, and progress.

Every child, regardless of their challenges, carries within them the potential to blossom and thrive. Our center is dedicated to nurturing that potential, one step at a time.

Dr. Emad Elshafei

Medical Supervisor at Al-Wedad center

Our Services

Age-specific support for every stage

Rehabilitation of autistic children

Transformative care for autistic children, fostering growth, communication, and social skills. Empower their potential today.

Treatment of learning difficulties

Expert treatment for learning difficulties. Unlock potential and achieve academic success. Empower your learning journey.

Rehabilitation of hyperactive children

Specialized care for hyperactive children. Tailored therapy to foster focus, self-control, and overall well-being.

Why us

The best early learning experience

experienced professionals, evidence-based approaches, nurturing environment, and personalized therapy to unlock their potential.


Nurturing kindness, fostering growth. Empathy-driven care for autism children, building trust and self-confidence.


Fostering creativity, innovative therapies. Nurturing artistic expression, empowering autism children to shine through imagination.


Emotionally supportive environment, understanding unique needs. Empowering autism children to express and thrive.


Cutting-edge innovation in therapies. Customized approaches for autism children, fostering growth and progress.

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

Autistic Children.

Expert care, tailored therapies, and a nurturing environment for autistic children to reach their full potential.

Children With Hyperactivity

Specialized care, nurturing environment, and tailored therapies to help children with hyperactivity thrive, find focus, and improve well-being.

Slow Learning Children.

Nurturing care, specialized interventions, and patient support to empower slow learning children in their academic journey and personal growth.

Down Children.

Comprehensive care, specialized therapies, empowering Down children to flourish and lead fulfilling lives with compassion and support.

Learning Difficulties.

Expert treatment, personalized strategies, and empowering support for children with learning difficulties to unlock their full potential.

Children With ADHD

Comprehensive care, tailored therapies, and compassionate support to help children with ADHD thrive, build focus, and achieve success.

What parent say
Outstanding rehabilitation center! They cater to children with autism and learning challenges, offering exceptional therapies and creating a nurturing environment for growth and development. Highly recommended!
Molly Scott


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